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Mark 6:1-13 July 9, 2006 Lectionary Gospel Text

Joe’s Research Notes and comments on the

Revised Common Lectionary Gospel Text for July 9, 2006 (Proper 9) Year B
                    Fifth Sunday after Pentecost (Kingdom tide)

Mark 6:1-13 (Amplified Bible from: www.biblegateway.com )


Text Background:  Galilee in the northern area averages 50 miles long and 25 miles wide.  Has approximately 240 towns and an estimated 3 million population.  Trade caravan’s came and went through Galilee going: south to Egypt, north to Damascus, east to Persia and west to the Mediterranean sea.  The report of Jesus the prophet, mighty in word and deed, had thus spread far and wide in the known world.  Jesus is on His third and last preaching tour of this area.  He has just left His headquarters in Capernaum.

      Mark 6:1 “Jesus went away from there and came to His (own) country and hometown (Nazareth), and His disciples followed (with) Him.”
Comment:  Jesus traveling with His disciples meant this was a ministry visit, not a family visit.
Topics (1):  Nazareth 2571, Followers 1017.
Self Examination:  Am I following Jesus like these disciples?
     Mark 6:2 And on the Sabbath He began to teach in the synagogue; and many who listened to Him were utterly astonished, saying, Where did this Man acquire all this?  What is the wisdom (the broad and full intelligence which has been) given to Him?  What mighty works and exhibitions of power are wrought by His hands?”
Comments: Jesus was careful to observe weekly worship and used every opportunity to preach and teach God’s truths and exercise supernatural power for healing.
They knew this outpouring of divine knowledge was not the result of special study or self culture so were highly perplexed because they refused to grant the obvious that He was sent from God.  How could He be, they reasoned, He grew up as a nobody in our town?
Topics (1):  Christ the teacher 3555, Christ’s Wisdom 3838, Christ’s Works 3913.
Self Examination:  Am I faithful in observing the Christian Sabbath (Sunday)?

     Mark 6:3 “Is not this the Carpenter, the son of Mary and the brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon?  And are not His sisters here among us?  And they took offense at Him and were hurt (that is, they disapproved of Him, and it hindered them from acknowledging His authority) and they were caused to stumble and fall.”
Comments:  What great condescension—the second Person of the Trinity—humbling Himself and working at a common trade.  He thus dignified work and set an example for all of us.  His mother was an undistinguished mother of a lowly family. His half-brother James later distinguished himself as the head of the church in Jerusalem, and authored the epistles of James and Jude—NBC (2).  Jesus fellow townspeople’s pride was offended as they saw Him as an inferior that had advanced far beyond them.  Many were envious of His popularity.  . The townspeople lost a great opportunity for miracles and great honor that could have been theirs—MHC (3)
Topics:  Christ despised 5491, Rock of Offence 698, Prejudice 448.
Self Examination:  Do I see my work as a calling from God?  Do I see work as a form of ministry to the Lord and to others, or is just a job?  Do I get offended when Jesus leads me into persecution and rejection?

     Mark 6:4  But Jesus said to them, A prophet is not without honor (deference, reverence) except in his (own) country and among (his) relatives and in his (own) house.”
Comments: their familiarity with Him in His younger years produced contempt.  A first impression is very hard to overcome.  They stubbornly refused to accept the evidence presented to them.
Topics (1):  Privileges Misused 4196.
Self Examination:  Have I shown disrespect to those I grew up with that follow Christ?
Have I experienced rejection from my hometown for clearly following Christ or does no one know I follow Him?

     Mark 6:5 And He was not able to do even one work of power there, except that He laid His hands on a few sickly people (and) cured them.”  
Comments:  Jesus perhaps limited His ministry as an act of mercy to avoid further hardening of their hearts against Him and so causing them greater condemnation.  This could also be an act of judgment on their unbelief that they missed out on greater blessings. This climate of unbelief would cause very few to come to Him for healing.
Topics (1):  Hindrances 1564, Laying on Hands 1492, Christ Heals 1539, Christ’s Touch 284.
Self Examination:  Has my unbelief hindered me from seeking supernatural healing?

     Mark 6:6 “And He marveled because of their unbelief (their lack of faith in Him).  And He went about among the surrounding villages and continued teaching.”
Comments:  Christ only marveled at the faith of Gentiles that were strangers, e.g. the centurion (Matthew 8:10) and the woman of Samaria, and at the unbelief of the Jews that were His own countrymen (MH).  Jesus goes right on with His mission, undaunted by unbelief and rejection.  He was urgently carrying out the Great Commission to preach and teach everywhere He could sowing the seed of God’s Word that the early church would reap a great harvest from a short time later.  To help prepare further for the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 30-31) He next prepares the disciples for rejection and sends them out to multiply the effort.
Topics (1):  unbelief 1221, Christ the Teacher 3555.
Self Examination:  Have I disappointed Christ with my lack of faith at times?  Have I repented of my times of lack of faith?

     Mark 6:7 And He called to Him the Twelve (apostles) and began to send them out (as His ambassadors) two by two and gave them authority and power over the unclean spirits.”
Comments:  Disciples had received special instructions already and now were permitted to share in ministry and authority as an advanced step—RSB (4).  The Old Testament legal requirement was for testimony to be established by at least two witnesses --Numbers 35:30, Deut. 19:15.  Ministers should associate and both lend and borrow help—MH.  What we have received we must give.  What we have learned we must teach—MH.  God the sovereign Creator and so the supreme authority, delegates authority to His Son who in turn delegates God’s authority to His trained disciples.
Topics: Disciple’s Empowered 4023, Cooperation 3738, Gift of Healing 1538.
Self Examination:  Have I answered Christ’s call to take up my cross and follow Him?
Do I see myself as sent by Him into my sphere of influence as a home missionary?

     Mark 6:8-9 “He charged them to take nothing for their journey except a walking stick—no bread, no wallet for a collection bag, no money in their belts (girdles, purses)—but to go with sandals on their feet and not to put on two tunics (undergarments).”
Comments:  Jesus is training them to go by faith in God’s supply, in total dependence on Him.  A workman is worthy of his wages --Matthew 10:10   Take no extra clothing like independent travelers of means, but identify with the common folk.
Topics (1):   Charges to Workers 2093 Trust God 1214, Divine Supplies 2905, Purses 2931.
Self Examination:  Do I see God as the provider of my food, clothing and shelter or my employer?

     Mark 6:10 And He told them, wherever you go into a house, stay there until you leave that place.”
Comments:  The disciples were to choose lodging carefully and not waste time moving around.  They were to be open not hidden, and easily found.
Topics:  Ministerial Support 2096, Contentment 829.
Self Examination:  Am I restless and discontented or am I content to stay in one place until the Lord leads me to move?

     Mark 6:11 “And if any community will not receive and accept and welcome you, and they refuse to listen to you, when you depart, shake off the dust that is on your feet, for a testimony against them.  Truly I tell you, it will be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah in the judgment day than for that town.”  
Comments:  The unbelieving will experience God’s rejection.  We are accountable for the truth we are exposed to and do not obey and apply. The disciple’s were to concentrate on the responsive towns. It was a custom of the Jews to shake the dust off their feet when departing from the ceremonially and actually unclean heathen nations.  This warning might cause them to think and maybe lead them to repentance.  God is just and will judge the world in the end and punish all the unpunished, unrepented of, wrongs that have been committed-- Matthew 25:31-32; Revelation 20:12.
Topics (1):  Inhospitality 3401, Spiritually Deaf 941, Dust Shaken Off 1057, Hardness of Heart 2716, Privilege’s Withdrawn 40885, Judgment According to Privilege 1352.
Self Examination:  When I witness for Christ, do I prioritize and concentrate on those most responsive or do I do I spend too much time with the unresponsive?

     Mark 6:12 “So they went out and preached that men should repent (that they should change their minds for the better and heartily amend their ways, with abhorrence of their past sins).”
Comments:  The purpose of the disciple’s preaching was to bring the people to repentance and to a new heart and a new way of living—MH.    God’s forgiveness is  granted to the truly repentant and change their sinful ways.
Topics:  Preaching 2087, Repentance Enjoined 2706.
Self Examination:  Do I look for opportunities to lead men to repent of their sin?

     Mark 6:13 “And they drove out many unclean spirits and anointed with oil many who were sick and cured them.”
Comments:  This demonstrates Christ’s power and authority over the natural and supernatural world and confirmed His claim to being God—JMSBN.
God delegates His power and authority to disciples to fulfill the Great Commission-- Matthew 28:18-20.  The anointing with oil was connected with the Holy Spirit and healing and provided a point of contact for a person’s faith.
Topics (1):  Devils Cast Out 3157, Anointing 195, Apostle’s Heal 1540.
Self Examination:  Do I pray for people with health needs or do I ignore them?

(1) All topics and their numbers are taken from the Thompson Chain Reference Bible (Published by B.B. Kirkbride Bible Company) and it’s numbered Cyclopedia of Topics and Texts for these verses.
(2) NBC New Bible Commentary by Davidson, Stibbs and Kevan (Published by Eerdmans.
(3) MHC Matthew Henry’s Commentary in One Volume, edited by Leslie Church, Published by Zondervan.
(4)RSB Reformation Study Bible (NKJV) Edited by R.C. Sproul and published by Thomas Nelson.

The Bible Study Reference Books quoted from above are all available at www.amazon.com   click on Books, type in titles in search box, and the new and used for sale will be listed for you to purchase.

Prepared by

Joe Sturz




Blogger http://joesturz.lectionary.blogspot.com said...

Calling to Follow Jesus Christ Described. God calls those who have repented of their sins (I John 1:9) and trusted in Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9-13) to witness and minister for Him through the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8; II Timothy 1:9). This calling is:
--for self denial and self sacrifice to follow Jesus Christ (Matthew 16:24-26; Romans 12:1; John 12:25-26),

--developed, strengthened, and made fervent and loving by praying in the spirit (Romans 12:11-12; Jude 20-21),
--strong and persistent (Jeremiah 20:9; Luke 20:5),
--urgent and hastens us to fulfill it (John 9:4),
--loud and demanding in our hearts at times to speak out (Amos 3:8; Acts 4:20).
So let us follow the calling and leading of the Holy Spirit (John 3:6-8; Romans 8:14). Let us be obedient to our calling and follow our Lord and witness and minister for Him in the place where He has put us (Psalm 16:5-6; II Timothy 1:9).
Brother Joe "obedient to Christ's calling" Sturz 11/‎21/‎2019 www.sturzchristiancounseling.com Facebook Group Sharing what the Lord has taught me through: His Word, my mistakes, failures and successes and 47+ years as a Biblical counselor through my short daily morning Bible counseling messages on my Facebook Group and timeline. Click on "Like" if they help you and share them with your friends.
Your eternal destiny is at stake here. Time is passing quickly so it is urgent that I share with you the Gospel (Good News) of the person and work of Jesus Christ in suffering and dying on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin. He did this for those that believe and obtained forgiveness and a place in heaven for them (Matthew 26:28; Romans 10:8-13; I Corinthians 15:1-4). It is urgent that you hear and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ because:
--we all begin blinded and lost by our unbelief and sin in breaking God''s laws (Ex. 20:3-17; Romans chapters 1-3),
--only by hearing and believing in Jesus Christ that He is the only true way to heaven can we turn from other false methods of gaining salvation (John 10:1-11; 14:6 with God and,
--if we hear and do not respond we are at risk of dying without Jesus Christ and entering into the conscious torment of eternal punishment for our sin (Mark 3:29: Luke 16:22-31; John 3:14-20.
So you can see why it is urgent that you believe in the person and work of Jesus Christ on the cross as the only way to find the true way of life to heaven and be saved from sin and avoid eternal punishment (Matthew 10:28; Romans 10:9-13). So if the Lord has you ready then confess and repent of your sin and trust in Christ alone for our salvation (I John 1:9) and live for Him from now on.

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Blogger Cora Bragado said...

Have just read this today. A timely reminder for me to be zealous and faithfu in sharing the Gospel especially to those who are open to listen to His Word.Thank you.

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