Saturday, January 21, 2006

Text Mark 1:14-20

                                                  Lectionary Gospel Reading QUICK OVERVIEW
                                                                 For January 22, 2006    Year B

Text:  Mark 1:14-20

Key Word:  Fishermen

Key Verse: Mark 1:17 “Jesus said to them (Simon Peter and Andrew fishing), Come after Me and be My disciples, and I will make you to become fishers of men.” (Amplified Bible).

Key Thought: The Christian lifestyle draws you into fishing, i.e., seeking and catching people for Christ.

Outline of Ideas Presented in the Text:

Mark quickly skips over Jesus’ early Judean ministry that John covers (John 2:13-4:4). The Judean public ministry ended with the growing hostility of the Jerusalem religious leaders and Herod’s growing suspicions and putting John the Baptist in prison. Jesus prudently moved His ministry to Galilee.  This was the most northern region of Palestine and not only heavily populated but far removed from the capital city.  (Verse 14).

John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus by preaching repentance. This involved acknowledging and turning away from sin to prepare for the coming of a holy Messiah and kingdom.  Jesus also strongly emphasized repentance.  He called for people to turn away from sin and believe in the Good News of new life in God’s kingdom that had arrived.  (Verse 15).

Jesus the patient fisherman, showed the way in catching four fishermen (Simon ‘Peter’ and his brother Andrew, and James and John his brother).  These fishermen had followed Jesus earlier for a brief period.  During the early Judean public ministry they had discussed that Jesus was the long expected Messiah (John 1:29-53).  When Jesus and the four came back to their hometown, the two sets of brothers went back to fishing.  One day Jesus was preaching on the shore of the Sea (Lake) of Galilee where these men were fishing.  He providentially chose Peter’s boat to sit in while He preached to the crowd on the shore (Luke 5: 1-11).  Afterwards He miraculously provided a huge catch of fish for the fishermen.  This got their attention and broke down Peter’s (the leader of the group) proud self confidence.  He humbled himself and followed when Jesus called the fishermen to follow Him to become fishers of men.  All four men immediately left their fishing business to follow Christ. (Verses 16-20).


Can I see how the Lord has me as “bait” on His hook to fish for others?

Have I repented and turned from my sinful ways to follow Him in (fishing) catching others?

Have I fished for others by encouraging people to come to church and grow in Christ?

Does the Lord see me as faithful and diligent in my work as these fishermen were in theirs?

Do I put God’s will above my work?  If I was sure God was calling me to quit my work and go into fulltime ministry, would I do it?

Joe Sturz  


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