Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Text John 1:43-51

                                Lectionary Gospel Reading QUICK OVERVIEW
                                                    For January 15, 2006

Text:  John 1:43-51.

Key Word:  Called (chosen).

Key Verse:  John 1:43, “The next day Jesus decided to go into Galilee; and He found Philip and said to him, Join Me as My attendant and follow Me.”  (Amplified Bible).

Key Thought:  Those that the Father had chosen to give Him (John 17:6), Jesus called by name and is calling to be His followers.

Outline of Ideas Presented in the Text:

Jesus began His public ministry by presenting Himself to John the Baptist for baptism.  He had just spent 40 days of testing and temptation in the wilderness (which John skips over) and then began choosing the men the Father showed Him for His disciples.

Jesus chose Philip and gave him a powerful call to follow Him.  It was the custom in those days for Jewish teachers to choose for themselves small bands of followers to teach and train.  Philip immediately responded to Jesus authoritative call to follow Him.  John and Andrew, the two disciples of John the Baptist, were already following Jesus along with Andrew’s brother Peter.  Philip probably heard how Jesus had been pointed out as the long awaited Lamb of God by John the Baptist (John 1:36). Verses 43-44.

Jesus also had His eye on Philip’s friend Nathanael, elsewhere called Bartholomew (Mark 3:18; Matthew 10:3), whom Philip immediately sought out and urged to come along also.  Philip aroused Nathanael’s curiosity by saying he had found the one pointed to by Moses and the prophets.   Jesus had already supernaturally discerned the character of Nathanael as a sincere honest believer, who had been perhaps meditating under the dense shade of a fig tree, even before Philip had approached him. Jesus greeted him with this knowledge.  Nathanael was surprised at such foreknowledge and acknowledged Him as the long-awaited King that Israel was expecting to lead them to freedom.  Verses 45-49.

Jesus pointed out to Nathanael that such a response of faith to such a small supernatural event would lead to his faith growing as he saw much greater supernatural events.  Obedience to God’s call would bring more light and privileges. He was called to see things on a par with Jacob’s wonderful vision at Bethel (Genesis 28:12) of a ladder reaching from earth to heaven with angels going up and down on it.  Now Jesus, the only mediator between heaven and earth, would be protected and ministered to by holy angels.   Jesus humbly called Himself the “son of man” and so shunned the titles and honors His disciples were using. Verses 50-51.


Do I seek opportunities to call my friends to follow Christ?

Have I obeyed God’s call on my life—in vocation and/or ministry?

Have I recognized demonstrations of God’s power in my life?

Have I improved my opportunities to follow God’s call and so may see greater demonstrations of God’s working?

Do I seek to put myself above others with distinctive titles and honors or do I humbly fit in with those around me?

Joe Sturz



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