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Lectionary Gospel Reading November 27, 2005 Quick Overview

Lectionary Gospel Reading November 27, 05 Quick Overview

Text: Mark 13:24-37 Jesus Foretelling His Departure and Return

Key Verse:  Mark 13:33  “Be on your guard (constantly alert ((prepared)) and watch and pray, for you do not know when the time (of His return) will come ….” (Amplified Bible)

Key Thought:  Jesus is coming back suddenly and unexpectedly so look to yourself. Have your life and work always prepared and ready for His final examination.  Do not let Him catch you idle and neglecting your responsibilities.  

Outline of Ideas presented in the text:

He came the first time to establish His kingdom on earth and reign from heaven and gather in His church (His special people).  This was done in the lifetime of the Apostles when He came to oversee the Romans destroy Jerusalem and the temple.  At this point the Old Testament ceremonial worship system was ended and His people were scattered to evangelize everywhere. (v. 24-27).

Just as there are signs in nature, such as the budding of the fig tree indicating summer is coming, so the signs He had previously described came to pass. The apostles could expect to see the great eclipse of the nation of Israel and the fall of their leaders. (v. 28-30)

Jesus implied His words were as enduring as the Old Testament Scriptures. (v. 31).

Prophecies often have a double reference (one soon and literal and also a future fulfillment).  Jesus here seems to transition (“that day”) from His coming to end the OT dispensation to the time of His second visible return which is a secret not even He knows.  (v.32).

He then gives a practical warning to His followers to watch for His coming and stay prepared by constant contact with Him during their period of service.(v.33-37).

Application of the text:

Jesus stresses the importance of always being prepared for His sudden and unexpected return.  We must have our life and work always caught up and ready to give an account to Him of our life and service as servant disciples of His.  We must remain expectant and alert for His soon return.  Be prepared and stay prayed up.


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